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"I believe that all bags of clay should come with labels that read: 'WARNING! Contents highly addictive!'"   ~Martha Marks

Martha Chenault Marks

Since I first started playing in the mud, I have been totally addicted!  But I don’t let that bother me, because after all, it seems perfectly normal to me.  And I don’t think I could live my life any way other than muddy.


As a youth, I spent most of my summers in Alabama at Camp Skyline Ranch in Mentone and on the Tennessee River in Decatur.  Hanging out in the woods showed me the beauty of nature and has inspired most of my work.  My pieces often end up with vines and leaves adorning them or looking like flowers, even when that may not have been my original intention.  My favorite pottery pieces are those that are both useful and lovely.  I like to use pottery, whether made by me or someone else. And when I use it, I like to remember where it came from, the artist, and why it was made the way it was.  You certainly can’t do that with pieces from Wal-Mart!

My pieces can be found in art galleries in the area and at regional art shows in which I participate.  I also have pieces in the showroom at my shared studio space in Madison, Alabama.  I'm available by apppointment or by chance.

I love teaching others how to play in the mud, too.  Clay is a wonderful medium and can be used in so many different ways.  The options are limitless considering all the different techniques, clay bodies, and glazes available.  My goal in teaching is to help people feed their souls through art.  I strive to help everyone be successful and to help as much or as little as the student desires.


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